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Jump for Change

Jump for Change!

(This project is based on a series of Jumping Shots I created while traveling the world and adapted it to reflect the current political events.)

The 2016 elections will be remembered by most people as being a long, painful circus getting out-of-control a little more each day.  Everyday the news media report on another obscenity said publicly, new conspiracies theories, or financial and political scandals, all of which take our focus away from what is important for the country.  

I think it's time to highlight the reasons why we should rally behind Hillary Clinton and more of us should help refocus the discussion on what's important and what makes her qualified for the job.  To me, Hillary Clinton is an inspiration.  I'm inspired by her dedication to her career, her determination to redefine gender norms, and by her 40-year experience as a successful politician.  So I asked a few friends to join me in Jumping for Change to show how they relate to Hillary Clinton and why they are #withher.